Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th Flowers

I absolutely love holidays and all of the traditions that coincide. The 4th of July is no exception. Ever since I can remember, my parents have had a huge cook out chocked full of star spangled fun. This year I wanted to bring my mom a hostess gift for continuing the traditions. Last weekend I saw a red, white and blue flower planter at the farmers market that gave me an idea.

Supplies: large terracotta pot, painters tape, paint brush, black acrylic paint, chalk marker, potting soil, alyssum, petunias, lobelia and red ribbon

I enjoy just about anything I can use my chalk markers on; however, I did not want to dish out the money on chalk board paint for such a small project. I just used basic black acrylic paint and it worked great! The painters tape gave me nice crisp lines.

This would have been a super cheap project if the hibiscus and mandevilla plants didn't catch my attention. I bought one of each : )

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