Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Fun

(flowers from our yard)
Last night, after swinging by the county fair to eat our annual elephant ear, I had fun walking through our yard in the summer heat picking flowers. This year I decided to plant rose bushes for a variety of reasons. The house that I grew up in had several old rose bushes. I have many memories of bringing my elementary school teachers roses wrapped in foil. (yes, I was a suck up from a very early age)

(Denmark 2008)

 Ever since we visited our Danish exchange student's house, I have wanted climbing yellow roses like they have in their garden. Finally, this summer I decided to read The Secret Garden, which inspired my aunt to become a landscape architect when she was a little girl. This book made my desire for my very own roses even stronger.

(hopefully next year they will look a little more well groomed)

So far I planted two hybrid tea rose bushes on the east side of the house. (We Salute You and Grande Dame) Hybrid Teas are known to be good cutting flowers with large single blossoms on long stems. I also planted a yellow floribunda bush on the same side. (Honey Bouquet) Floribundas have 5-7 flowers in large clusters and they are more noticeable from a distance. On the south side of the house I planted a yellow climber called CI Smiley Face, so far he has not done much climbing.

Yesterday I purchased this red hybrid tea, In The Mood, to add to the fleet on the east side of the house. I intend to plant it today, if it's not a bajillion degrees outside.

(buffet in our breakfast room, makes me happy!)

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