Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fridge Scrabble

(my camera battery only lasted for two photos and then I had to resort to the iPhone)

I have had a busy week picking tiny wallpaper scraps off the kitchen walls. I signed up to be a Mary Kay consultant. (I have stated that the only way I will get a new car is if it's free...I can see myself in a pink Cadillac) The past two days I have been job shadowing at a hospital. All of these events were on my to do list, yet they would not make for very interesting blog material, so last night I put together some fun fridge magnets.

For six months I have been looking for Scrabble at garage sales and Goodwill to make Scrabble magnets. Apparently there is a Scrabble hoarder in my town. My garage sale picker, aka Mom, finally came through with a $2 vintage set.

I bought a $3 roll of adhesive backed magnets at Michaels. This project was super easy and fast. With the help of Mom, we backed all of the tiles in less than 30 minutes.

(the baby photo is a snap shot my mom had of me on the fridge)

Although I have always enjoyed a competitive game of scrabble, my mom's friend MB is the first person that I saw creatively using the tiles. Her creations gave me the idea for my magnets. Since then, I have seen the tiles all over. I may have to use the above photo as inspiration in the future.

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  1. This is SUCH a cool idea! i am definitely putting this on my list to do as soon as our baby stops eating every little thing! :)


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