Friday, August 19, 2011

'Live the Life You've Imagined.' Part 3

Highlights from this week include:

1. The overwhelmingly plaid wallpaper came down in the kitchen.

2. The clematis that I transplanted twice from my house in Indianapolis bloomed!

3. Josh bought me a shrub for our anniversary that attracts humming birds and butterflies. I also received a spa package and a gift certificate, so I can go pick out more plants. (He knows what I like :)

4. I took the plunge and bought a sewing machine with the gift card my coworkers gave me on my last day of work. Hopefully with my 7th grade home-ec lessons and YouTube, I will be able to figure out how to work this thing.

5. The apples on the tree in the backyard are getting ripe. I am going to attempt to make apple crisp while camping this weekend. (I ate one early this week to make sure my fellow campers do not get the dreaded 'cog-a-mag-as,' a nasty stomach ache that Grandma Kregel gets)

6. On Thursday I had an adventure in Indy. I lunched with Nicole, made a pit stop at Trader Joes, went to book club and got to check out my cousins' new super cute house.

7. This little feller greeted me while watering plants this afternoon.

8. Homemade pizza party, with fresh basil and tomatoes, on Tuesday with my sister.

9. We always teased my grandma for 'canning and freezing to get by'....look at me now. I froze some of Dad's delicious 277A sweet corn, the best sweet corn in the world!

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