Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation Chotchkie

(Sister Bay, Wisconsin)

I am usually the cruise ship director on family vacations. I plan where we are going, orchestrate activities and I come up with a theme. This year we went to Galena, IL and Door County Wisconsin. We went with a circus theme. (I chose not to post photos of Dad as the bearded lady and Mom as a muscle man in case they ever decide to run for president) Overall, it was a relaxing, low key vacation with plenty of orange styrofoam circus peanuts.
From Top Left: 1. My sister and I went on a 12 mi bike ride through the hills of Galena to a winery 2. Lovely outhouse on Cana Island 3.Beach in Ephraim 4. Anderson Dock Marina, Ephraim 5. & 6. Fish Boil at the Old Post Office Restaurant in Ephraim 7. Sister Bay 8. Mom & Dad at sunset in Sister Bay 9. Cana Island

(Cana Island)
(Baileys Harbor)
(Spike Horn Bay)
The point of this post was not to trick you into looking at my family vacation photos, it was to share with you my hand crafted vacation memento. I have never been into embroidered light house sweatshirts or tourist trap fridge magnets, so I came up with my own special way to remember our trips. While there, I collect sand from the beach and a few little shells. I purchased the clear glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby, which they sell year round at my store.
I let the sand dry on a plate for a few days so that condensation did not build up inside the glass. Then I carefully removed the metal cap and made a simple funnel out of paper.
After pouring the sand into the glass, I used hot glue to secure the cap. I also used hot glue to to attach some jute string to the top.
Overall, I am much more pleased with this ornament than a set of Door County salt and pepper shakers. The plan is to eventually have a small Christmas tree covered with all of these vacation memories. So far I have Bermuda, South Beach, Hawaii, and Door County covered.


  1. This is such a great idea! This would be fun to do with old light bulbs too.

  2. I don't know where to start! Your photos are fabulous! You guys all look like you know how to have a blast. And your ornament idea is AWESOME!

    I'm your newest follower.


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