Friday, September 9, 2011

'Live the Life You've Imagined' Part 6

My week had a very colorful start with the Labor Day weekend. The above photo is of Grandma Kregel. She was drunk, drunk, drunk after a glass of wine and a shot. When you are 88 years old and you only weigh 85 lbs, your liquor tolerance is pretty low. She's always a good time on holidays.

1. Dahlias @ Aunt Lorraine's house. I need to plant some of these next year. 2. Josh and Dad checking out the new farm stand. 3. Labor Day cosmos arranged by Aunt Lorraine 4. Alyssa on the barrel train. In case you were wondering, I was riding in the barrel behind her to take this photo. 5. Went with Mom to peddle vegetables at the farmer's market last Saturday. 6. Josh looking like a male model. 7. Went to church with the family. I was able to sing and nobody could hear me. 8. Crown Point court house. I visited a few antique shops off the square. 9. I was able to help Aunt Lorraine pick out some paint colors for her living room. My vision was too distorted from onion chopping and wine consumption to figure out the rest of the rooms.

Mom and I went to a festival in Frankfort, IL. I whined about it, but I did end up getting a few good ideas and a photo of this pedestrian bridge.

1. Labor Day camp fire. 2. Today I bought Nicole a cupcake from the Flying Cupcake. Happy Birthday Nicole! 3. Sunset from our front porch. 4. My favorite Mexican restaurant and parade entry: Mi Ranchito

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  1. The picture of drunk grandma is all sorts of awesome !

  2. Wonderful photos. He he about drunk grandma.

  3. Kind of obsessed with your photos. Isn't instagram the coolest? And your drunk grandma makes me wonderful to be 85 and just as much fun as a teenager.

  4. great pictures! every single one is super interesting :)

  5. Drunk grandma?! UH-MAZE-ING! hahah. I love it! Thanks so much for linking up with iPhone Photo Friday!

  6. hahaha!!! Love the grandma pic! You can tell she is DEFINITELY feeling good! :) Such a good post! :) Love the pictures!!!


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