Friday, September 30, 2011

'Live the Life You've Imagined' Part 9

Fall is here and I've decided to embrace it despite the fact that we are now one season closer to winter. This pile of leaves was located in the CVS parking lot.

{Happy Hollow Park}

1. Birthday flowers from my husband. 2. My good friend, Nicole, had a bridal shower. I made them this banner. 3. Iron door mat= fancy birthday present. 4. I planted these shrubs at the house I lived in during college. They grew up the side of the house. 5. Josh made me a chocolate on chocolate birthday cake. I was impressed : ) 6. US 52 7. I attended book club in Indy this week and had a lot of fun. 8. I cut grass for the first time in over a year. 9. Pretty radishes. I recently found a radish recipe that gets a passing grade in our house. Check it out at: rachael-ray braised-radishes

{rainbow somewhere between Indianapolis and Lafayette}


  1. Great pictures and I have never heard of a radish recipe, we usually just eat em!!! Hopefully cooler temps are here to stay!!!

  2. Great shots! I love how you edited the leaves.

  3. Nice colors! Very nice use of textures! Well done!

  4. So many amazing photos! Love the collage and I'm jealous of that colorful pile of leaves.


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