Monday, September 26, 2011

Money Matters

When I decided to quit my job, we knew that we would have to change our spending habits. Not being in a retail environment everyday has prevented me from shopping so much. Unfortunately, I think I can still work on spending less each month.

I started planning out our meals at the beginning of each week. This small chalkboard menu on our fridge has held me accountable to the process. My shopping list is much more streamlined and I have had to make fewer trips to the store.

Starting this week, I am going to challenge myself to only spend $40 a week at the store. This amount is somewhat arbitrary and I may adjust my goal at the end of October. This will hopefully force me to pay better attention to sales, use coupons, and better utilize the food in our pantry. In addition, I am not going to spend any money on STUFF during the month of October. If I want to work on the house, I will have to use supplies we already have. If I need to give a gift, I will have to get super creative.

Do you have any tips for me that will support my cause?

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  1. My only tip is one that works for me: stay out of the stores :) If I get busy at home with projects, before I realize it a whole week has gone by without buying anything. As for food - what's in the back of the pantry or bottom of the freezer tends to get eaten as a last resort. Good luck on your budget!!


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