Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Birthday.

In my book, birthdays are a big deal. I really try to make sure friends and family members know how much I appreciate them on their special day. I send them cards filled with confetti, buy them luxury cars and send them on all expense paid vacations. (just joking, I don't want Aunt Lorraine feeling jipped about that pillow I made for her)

I also eagerly look forward to my own birthday. Yesterday I turned the big 2-7. The end of September/beginning of October is chocked full of special events in our family that must be celebrated. The 27th of September was my parent's anniversary. October 1st is Aunt Lorraine's birthday and on October 9th Grandma Kregel turns 89! We went out for a very nice celebratory dinner.

Yesterday on my way home from yoga, I decided to take a back country road to look at the changing leaves. As I was driving, I noticed hedge apples alongside the road. I immediately thought of Grandpa Kregel and stopped to pick some up. The story goes that his father,. Great Grandpa Kregel, claimed that hedge apples could not be grown from seed. One of the first items on Grandpa's agenda when he got to heaven was to inform his father that hedge apples could indeed be grown from seed because he had done so himself. We even had hedge apples in our flower arrangements at our wedding as a tribute to Grandpa.

The hedge apples, along with all of the well wishes, cards, and gifts made my day. My family knows me well, and I now have hundreds of bulbs to plant and two humongous mums!

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