Friday, November 4, 2011

Hot Pop Singles of 1991

After taking the Halloween decorations down, I was in need of a fall-ish wreath for our entryway. I like projects that use old book pages and paper goods and I have been envious of other crafters' vintage sheet music creations. While antiquing, I have yet to find reasonably priced sheet music.

After not spending money in October, I made my first big November purchase at Goodwill. I ran across this gem which includes songs by Gloria Estefan, Bryan Adams, Tom Petty, and other early 90s legends.

1991 was a good year for me, I'm pretty sure I learned how to read.

I have run across a lot of paper wreaths on Pinterest and other blogs. I found a helpful tutorial at cornerhouseblog that I used as a guide while making my wreath. I used packaging paper from an Amazon shipment and packaging tape to make a 10.5" wreath form.

I was not in the mood to spend $20 on a paper punch, so I used a 4" drinking glass as a template. I cut through five sheets at a time. I went through a lot of hot glue making over 150 of these paper cones.

The first round of gluing was the most difficult to get the cones to stay in place. I had a little more success after poking holes in the wreath form with a pen and filling the holes with hot glue.

I added twigs from our yard and brown wired ribbon in an attempt to make the wreath look more fall-ish.

I found that gluing the cones to their neighbors AND the wreath form was the best technique to secure the cones in place.  

It may be a little wonky and the back is a hot mess, but overall I like how it turned out.  The other bonus is that I have more hot pop singles left for future projects.


  1. Wow! I'm so impressed you just whipped out the packaging paper and made your OWN wreath form??!! What in the world!!
    Very cute wreath!! Good job!!
    Stopping by from Serenity Now!

  2. This is so beautiful! I love it!! I might try and make one!

  3. Thanks Angelina! If you make one you will have to send me a photo.

  4. Thanks for stopping by the blog!!!! If you scroll down a few posts you will be able to see my sons letter that he has written out!! Yes it is an exciting opportunity!!!


  5. cute! and i really hope you didn't cut up "more than words" that's one of my all-time faves! :)

    1. well more than words is on a yellowed piece of paper but as you van see none of the pieces are on yellowed paper so she didn't cut it up

  6. What a fun find! Great creative wreath base too. Happy future Goodwill hunting!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  7. could we possibly cut the circles a different size to have contrast??


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