Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Tribute to Hot Dogs, Part 1

My mom's very creative friend, Maribeth, introduced us to 'weenie men' as children. They were always a huge hit. It is still fun to chop off their appendages and make them bleed with ketchup. Poor weenie men...

1. Make one cut to form weenie man's legs.
2. Cut two small slits for his arms.

3. Carefully make a crescent cut for his mouth.
4. Use a straw for Weenie's eyes, nose, and the buttons on his shirt.
Boil Weenie Man for about six minutes, until cooked all the way through and his legs and arms start to curl up. (side note: this does not work in the microwave) If you are really feeling crazy you can accessorize him with a belt, hair, etc.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be another fun way to play with food.  Unfortunately I could not find the original source. I used 3-5 pieces of spaghetti for each chunk. I boiled the hot dog spaghetti combo according to the package directions for the spaghetti.

 The spaghetti reminded us of playdoh and it tasted pretty good with marina sauce.


  1. Okay, the weenie men are hilarious. I have to make them even though I have no small children. The big children (hubby and son in law) will get a kick. Thanks for posting and elevating the humble hot dog.

  2. The weenie men are awesome. My kids will love this!!! Thanks!

  3. dad used to make those for me and now I make them for my son. We call them "Frankie."


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