Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Tribute to Hot Dogs (sort of), Part 2

On Monday my sister came to visit and I thought I had the perfect adventure planned for us. I wanted to visit Frankfort, IN, home of the hot dogs. I figured it would be the ideal follow up to my first hot dog post and I heard there were some good antique shops in town.

Alyssa wanted a hot dog and I wanted some antiques. Unfortunately we didn't find either. Most of the shops were closed on Mondays and we could not find a restaurant serving hot dogs. We walked around in the rain to see all that Frankfort had to offer.

We didn't let all of that rain ruin our parade. We went to a few antique shops in Lafayette and found some great bargains. I purchased this school spirited button for $1. Sorry if you're not a Purdue fan, but I could not pass up vintage, trash talking memorobilia.

I also found this cute ring for only $2!

We found a hat box for $3 to house Alyssa's old lady hat collection.

{Alyssa was taking the hair dryer on a test drive}

Although we had to eat hamburgers instead of hot dogs on our adventure, we still amused ourselves and we now own some new treasures.

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