Saturday, January 28, 2012

Live the Life You've Imagined, Part 25

1.   Riley Children’s Hospital. I had fun holding lots of babies this week.

2.   After being inspired by Amanda’s grandma’s awesome hats, I used YouTube to learn how to crochet. My practice piece looks like a giant crescent roll.

3.   Beer bread for book club.

4.   I found this crock pot potato soup on Pinterest. The soup is super easy to make and Josh has been singing its praises all week.

5.   My mom and sister came to visit on Friday for a day of fun. I took them to a few of my favorite antique shops.

6.   Flat Stanley had to go back to school this week. I made him a small scrapbook outlining  all of his adventures.

7.   This crazy January weather has all of my plants confused. The bulbs are popping up now. I hope they still bloom in the spring.

8.   Some old flowers I was playing with at work.

9.   Mom, Alyssa, and I went out to lunch at Main St. Cheese. This chocolate cake was the most outstanding cake I have consumed in all of my twenty seven years. 


  1. I love the flowers, and that soup looks awesome! :)

  2. Lynette, you've put your pics together just how I was imagining organising mine in my head today!! Beautiful pics + stories :-)


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