Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Road Trip with Mom

I was initially going to write a post about a small sewing project I was working on tonight, then my sewing machine and I got into a fight.  After several attempts, I ran out of patience and could not figure out was going wrong. After abandoning my sewing project, I figured I would tell you about my upcoming adventure.

In 2010 I took my mom on a surprise trip as her birthday/mother’s day gift. I planned everything and told her what to pack. Her only requirements were to show up and have fun. We found that this travel arrangement suited us. I like to plan and she likes to have fun. While coordinating our trips I do not have to consult with her and she is a good sport by going along with all of my planned shenanigans.

The first year I found cheap flights to LA through TravelZoo. We did all of the touristy things in Hollywood. This was right around the time when the Conan vs. Leno dual was going down. I had tickets to The Tonight Show with Conan and The Jay Leno Show. Unfortunately Conan resigned and we ended up seeing the Leno show. We ate our first In-N-Out Burgers and dined on the famous Pink’s hot dogs. After a long drawn out quarrel with the GPS, we enjoyed a day of fun at Disneyland. (Side note: I am not a big football fan, but it was Super Bowl Sunday and the Colts were playing…and I was living in Indianapolis at the time.) 

Last year we narrowly escaped the crazy Snowcalypse in Chicago. We were on one of last flights to leave O’Hare. The first leg of our journey took us to Miami. We enjoyed soaking up the sun while everyone at home was buried under a few feet of snow. Our favorite part of the trip was the Miami Culinary Tour. Our guide took us into locally owned restaurants and we snacked on food we didn’t even know existed… i.e. ceviche and other Cuban originals. Next we took a short cruise to the Bahamas. We enjoyed our “coco loco time” and exploring Atlantis

Next Monday Mom and I will embark on our third annual mother-daughter expedition. After quitting my job, our itinerary has a few more budget restrictions. This means we are going on a road trip! Obviously I cannot tell you where we are going; it would spoil all of the fun. I will fill you in when we return. You can follow me on Instagram to see some photos from our voyage. (My username is mrsmoon.) 


  1. What a wonderful tradition. Enjoy the road trip with your mom! I am sure it will be lots of fun. Can't wait to hear where you are going!

  2. How fun!! I should try planning a trip like that with my mom, it would be fun for her to not be able to obsess over it! Can't wait to see where you head to; my husband and I are going on a roadtrip this fall but he doesn't know about it :)

    - Shauna

  3. I bet you wish your realy awesome sister that you posted pictures of in your last blog could go with. She probably has to do something lame like work or take exams every year when you go.

    1. I do wish my AWESOME sister could go with us. Next year she can take Mom on a trip while I am busy studying for exams.

  4. I was almost afraid to finish reading this post for fear it was spoil the surprise. Looking forward to spending special daughter/mom time with you!!!

  5. Looks like an awesome trip, and how cool that your mum is so easy going to go on holiday with you without knowing where! :D


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