Sunday, February 26, 2012

Live the Life You've Imagined, Part 29

This is being posted later than I intended due to some technical difficulties with updating my iPhone. With the new update I was able to get the Simply HDR app and it is fantastic! These photos provide a quick peek into my life from the past seven days. I am continuing to work on living my imagined life and appreciating all of the small things. If you would like to follow my photos, my username on Instagram is mrsmoon. 

1. Josh and I tried a different Mexican restaurant on date night. Good food and great service at El Meson.

2. On Monday I made a trip to Lowell to pick up the beef we purchased from my mom and dad. I am looking forward to this summer when I rarely have to buy anything from the grocery store. Between our CSA and homegrown beef, we will have just about everything we need.

3. Pretty tulips.

4. Fancy overhead display at Target. This week I enjoyed plenty of bonding time with my sister. We made a trip to Target, I introduced her to the Hostess Thrift Store, and she was a good sport and even attended partner yoga with me yesterday.

5. Josh celebrated a birthday. His family made the trip from Chicago to celebrate with us at Mountain Jacks.

6. Josh and I started the process of making homemade strawberry ice cream. I liked the packaging on the strawberry extract.

7. We discovered Mary Lou Donuts, a local bakery, and indulged in some sugary pastries yesterday morning.

8. Last weekend our good friends Matt and Stef came to visit. Stef and I checked out a few antique stores. I have been eyeing these Clay City (made in Indiana!) turquoise bowls for awhile now and they look great in our kitchen. 

9. My Lenten promise this year is to give up chips, pretzels and crackers. My first temptation was at the Mexican restaurant. That was probably the first time in my life that I have dined at a Mexican restaurant and left without eating a single tortilla chip. I was proud of myself.  


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