Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Huck

I am not a professional photographer, but I love to take photos and I continue to learn more about the bells and whistles on my fancy camera. My cousin Rachael and her husband Eric just started a new generation in our family. (Grandma Kregel had to wait 89 years to become a great grandma! Thank you Rachael and Eric for getting her off of my case) I had the privilege of meeting little Huck last week and taking some photos of him when he was just six days old. 

Which photo is your favorite?


  1. So hard to decide *(you could be a pro, great pix!) I love the one where he is smiling in his sleep, and the last one, in his little pea pod, he is a darling;)

  2. Your photos are great! My favorite is the third (little bum in the air). Looks like he is having a laugh at something. Or, at someone, like all those people who are going to cater to his every demand from now on. ;)

  3. Photos are wonderful. Such a great job! I personally love the "title" photo, although I agree that it is hard to choose!

  4. Great job! I tried to the the same with my niece, born in December. I still stuck in the mini-edit stage.

  5. Hi Lynnette, I found you via your guest post at Let Birds Fly. I love the second picture! It is such a sweet and intimate pose. =) I am following along now.
    Alesha <3


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