Tuesday, March 20, 2012

House for Sale

My blog posts have been minimal for the last couple of weeks due to a variety of reasons. At the beginning of the month I was on a trip with my mom. While on vacation I received a text message from my husband suggesting that we sell our house. I jumped right on that bandwagon. I have been panged with anxiety just thinking about being a full time graduate student and having an hour commute.  

Once I was back in Indiana, I became a cleaning/organizing machine. In two short weeks we got our house ready to sell. As of today it is officially on the market! Send us some prayers and positive thoughts that our house sells quickly. Unfortunately, I am going to continue being a blogging slacker. At the end of the week I will be on another trip.

I like our house and yard very much and I am going to be sad to leave it behind. I asked Josh if we could take it with us, but to my dismay, buying a new house is going to be easier.

Back yard, complete with apple and cherry trees.

 Living Room. 

 Family Room.


A small glimpse of the master bedroom.  


  1. It's so beautiful! I, too am a grad student and next year I will have a two hour commute to my internship! Yikes! Hopefully I will have a Prius C by then!

  2. Oh good luck in selling your beautiful home...I will pray for the process...
    Any ideas where you want to move to?
    It can be a stressful AND exciting time!

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  4. This place looks gorgeous. I'm sure that you've been receiving lots of offers lately. The family room looks very cozy. It's the kind of room where you just wanna curl up near the fireplace and read a good book. And the backyard is amazing! It's so huge it seems like you can run around in it for hours. LOL!


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