Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Happy Pillow

I have always felt like I was meant to use a sewing machine. I love fabric and crafting. My only problem was that my skills were limited to a middle school home-ec tutorial and the lingo I've picked up from watching Project Runway. I bought a sewing machine in August and let it sit for weeks out of fear that the machine would be too complicated for me to handle.

My aunt's birthday was the first of October and I wanted to make her something special. I recently purchased vintage fabric from a garage sale that reminded me of her. (I paid fifty cents for four yards) I finally mustered up the courage and got out the instruction manual for my Singer Promise. After carefully following each step for threading the machine, I managed to make this basic pillow.

I embroidered her initials and her birth date on a patch. It's not perfect, but it's made with love.

This is pretty basic stuff, but I will elaborate anyways. To make the flower I cut a 12"x1" strip of fabric. By hand, I sewed a running stitch down one edge. Then I pulled the string tight, which made the fabric bunch up. After knotting the thread, I stitched up the two sides. I repeated the exact same process with khaki fabric for the inner layer. I sewed the two layers together and added a few buttons and I was done.

{I was so pleased with my results that I made one for myself}


  1. I LOVE the pillow! What a wonderful, personal gift. I'm sure she'll love it!

  2. I love the personal touch - worth the effort for sure!

  3. What an awesome gift! Love when gifts are personalized! I've tried to make pillows...they never come out right!

  4. so pretty! Thank you so much sharing and for linking up to our party Show and Share this week! Come on back this Wednesday to link up your current projects.

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