Friday, October 7, 2011

'Live the Life You've Imagined' Part 10

{Drive home from the CSA farm}

This week we have had beautiful weather. I had a lot of fun spending quality time with friends and family.
1. My parents own a pumpkin patch. I drove up there to visit and I made them dinner. 2. Yellow rose from my rose garden. I am really trying to enjoy them while they last. 3. While at the pumpkin patch, I was able to go on a hay ride with my friend Amanda and her son. It was his first hay ride ever. 4. A couple of weeks ago a man stopped by our house and asked if he could pick apples from our trees. He came back this week with apple sauce and his wife to pick more apples. 5. Evening walk. 6. The book I read this week. 7. I met several friends in Indy and we went wine tasting at Easley Winery 8. We also went on a tour of the wine making facility. 9. Lafayette has a fantastic farmers market. I stopped by to get Josh some honey.

{I cannot stop taking photos of all of the pretty changing leaves}


  1. I loved Half Broke Horses...why didn't her daughter turn out more like her? Love that pumpkin with the long stem! Did you gro that? Wish we had pretty leaves. Our trees don't turn till Jan...BOO!

  2. wonderful shots! i love them all.

    thanks for the visit and the comment.

  3. Love your drive home! The tree with the orange leaves is gorgeous! Wonderful collage too. You really had a fun week - pumpkin patch and wine tasting! My favorite pics are the rose and the beautiful sky with the power lines. Thanks for linking up with this or that thursday.

  4. Cool shots! Love the stem on that pumpkin!


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