Sunday, October 23, 2011

'Live the Life You've Imagined' Part 12

I think I have fewer photos to share this week because I was busy using my real camera to take photos instead of the iPhone. We spent much of this week preparing for a house full of people for our annual tailgating event at Purdue.

1. Hens & Chicks in the garden. I love these guys. 2. Bottle of wine to celebrate a grad school interview. (Send me positive thoughts and prayers this Saturday) 3. CSA Veggies. Only one week left and I will miss it. 4. My favorite soup in the world. Lemon Rice from George's. I cannot find a restaurant in Lafayette that serves this. 5. warty gourds. 6. My BFF Stef holding some Venture Tums that expired in 1996. We found them in the astro van.  7. The zinnias are still going strong! 8. Small preview of our new gallery wall. 9. Cozy bonfire in our backyard last night with good friends.


  1. Great pics! I look forward to the new photos every week!! And now I know how to comment:)

  2. popping in from life. rearranged. love the collage! looks like you had a beautiful week!
    kimberly @ fromatosneed


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