Friday, October 14, 2011

'Live the Life You've Imagined' Part 11

1. This is Katie my parents' new cat. Their other cat is named Perry. 2. I went to the Wonder Thrift Shop this week. I got a loaf of bread for 89 cents. They had this giant wall of Moonpies, which made me feel like this store was meant for me. 3. Our mums are out of control and I love it! 4. Late night trip to Menards with my husband. He is switching out all of the outlets and switches and this makes me happy. 5. Autumn. 6. Cows on the way to the CSA farm. 7. Bouquet from our garden. 8. Birthday Girl at church. 9. I used some vintage Easter marshmallows I bought 90% off to make fudge.

The tulip tree is Indiana's state tree.

Wednesday was such a beautiful day! I went for walk through my favorite neighborhood, Highland Park. The family homes are old, giant period revival-style houses and they have a ton of character. Two of Indiana's governors lived in this neighborhood. It seemed strange to hear leaves crunching underneath my flip flops, but I will never complain about 75 degree, sunny weather. 

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  1. It has been beautiful here in Indy! And, love the am rsmallows.

  2. Oops-autocorrect got mr! That should have said marshmallows!

  3. Hope you have a great weekend! How did the fudge taste?

  4. I'm giving you the Versatile reward! Your awesome! Keep up the amazing work!

  5. love those houses! here in california you mostly get the same stucco house all in a row...while i love the weather here too much to move, i pine for those fabulous houses everywhere else!

  6. Great collage with so interesting pictures. I love the tulip tree, it looks so beautiful.


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