Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glamor Pumpkin Table

I told you about how I was not going to spend any money on 'stuff' in October here. When I decided to decorate our dinning room table I had to get resourceful.

I don't even remember what I used the gold spray paint for, but I was delighted when I found it in our garage. I sprayed some white, munchkin pumpkins and a small, white pumpkin with a few coats.

I filled two jelly jars with zinnias from my parent's yard.

I used jute I already had to tie leaves to the jars.

I purchased the gold charger after Christmas a few years ago. It probably cost me a quarter.

The leaves are the real deal. The neighbors may have been wondering why I was wandering around the yard collecting leaves, oh well. The sticks were also found in the yard and received a quick coat of spray paint.

I painted the M freehand on the gold pumpkin using black, acrylic paint. It probably would have looked better if I used a stencil, but I was being lazy. I also threw a few leaves into the Crate and Barrel votive holders we received as wedding gifts.

It's festive and it cost me zero dollars. The decorations will not last forever, but I think my freebies would work well if you were throwing a party.


  1. oh my goodness! I love it! your table is beautiful! truly!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments on my Goodwill finds!! You set such a great table here!! It just goes to show that you don't have to spend a lot of money to set a great table! Love the monogram on the pumpkin! Nice touch!


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