Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Candle Recovery

Last year I bought a Mistletoe Yankee Candle on clearance. Without thinking, I packed it away with the rest of the Christmas décor. The attic in which we keep our decorations gets very hot in the summer. Sadly, the candle did not handle the high temps well.

I plopped the disfigured, wax glob onto the candle warmer and hoped all was not lost. A few days later I had a stroke of genius. I remembered my Martha inspired attempt to make candles in teacups and all of the supplies I still had.

I was so excited about my idea that I did not bother taking photos until I was done with the project. The supplies included: one ruined Yankee candle, some fasteners, a piece of wick, one wooden skewer, candle warmer, a pair of pliers and I used both a votive cup and jelly jar as candle holders.
The wick and fasteners were purchased at Hobby Lobby and the glass jars originally came from Goodwill.

First I cut the wick. I made sure there were a couple of extra inches to eventually wrap around the skewer. Then I used pliers to secure the fastener onto the wick.

Next I dipped the wick/fastener combo into the melted wax. While the wax was still pliable, I secured the fastener to the bottom of the votive.

Finally, I wound the excess wick around the skewer. The wick should be somewhat taut. Then I carefully poured in the melted wax.  

Luckily I had another shoddy candle to dismantle so I could show you all of the steps. I did notice a difference in the quality of the wax between this cheaper candle and the Yankee candle.

This is my warming plate. I found it far less messy to use this than boiling the wax in a pot. I just had to be patient. I think accidental water mixing is the reason why my teacup candles were not as smooth. If you are looking for your own warmer, I believe this one was originally purchased at Walgreens. I also saw them in the Michael’s flyer this week. 
Overall, this was a super easy project that took little time. I am happy that I was able to recycle candles that were previously hopeless.   

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