Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cloche

I decked out this glass Christmas cloche last year with three sisal trees I found at Menards, some artificial snow, and a Scrabble message. Previously, the winter scene looked more festive because I had the base painted red.

This monochromatic Christmas cloche needed an extra dose of holiday cheer.

In case you find yourself wondering where the cloche originated, I purchased a glass domed clock from Goodwill and removed the inner pieces.

I saw Martha Stewart’s glittered deer floating around on Pinterest. I knew these glittery dollar store toys would be the perfect addition to my Christmas cloche. Much to my dismay, the Dollar Tree was out of small plastic woodland creatures.  

I ordered a gift from Photojojo. (If you have a camera lover to shop for, I recommend paying them a visit) Along with the purchased item, I received a plastic dinosaur in the mail. On the bill, it said “Rawr” $0.00. This little bit of whimsy made my day.
I gave Rawr a holiday makeover using glue, (Can you believe I don’t have the regular Elmer’s variety?) a paint brush, and fine Martha Stewart glitter.

First I used the paint brush to dose the dinosaur in glue. Any kind of glue will do.

Next I poured glitter over the wet glue. I had to do several touch ups with a bit of glue on the paint brush.

I also added some sparkly pipe cleaner pieces to make the sisal trees a little cheery.

It may be tacky, but my Christmas dinosaur makes me happy.


  1. I LOVE the glittery dinosaurs! It's brilliant! I am your newest follower here and on facebook. Hope you stop by my blog too...


  2. so fabulous!!!! thank you for sharing and thank you for sharing a bit of history with us also! lovin the dinosaur! found you via the girl creative...i am soon to be your newest follower! sending holiday hugs...

  3. I think the dinosaur is the cutest touch ever! And the RAWR. Adorable!


  4. Adorable! I'm dying to make a tiny tree globe! Love the glittery dinosaur touch :)

    - Shauna

  5. The Cutest Biological Sister You've Ever Had!December 20, 2011 at 11:27 AM

    HAHAHAHAA this is probably my favorite post ever. Rawr just made my day for the 2nd time!

  6. Rawr looks very cute in his holiday red sparkles!

  7. I think it so very cute your Christmas Dinosaur. Good idea about the clock cover. Pat

  8. HAH! OMG, I love the dino! He's so cute! As an avid photographer, I think I may have to visit that link just to get my own Rawr. ^___^ Also love the idea of using a clock to get a cloche. :)

  9. I am absolutely in love with the dino cloche!! The game pieces and trees, its all just fantastic. Thanks for the ideas.


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