Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Wreath

{me and my dad on the farm}

When I was growing up, my parents sold Christmas trees with my aunt and uncle on the farm. I have very fond memories of passing out candy canes, roasting pine cones with my grandpa and signing "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" with my cousin. The smell of fresh pine needles still stirs up a certain childhood nostalgia.

Lucky for me, Aunt Lorraine has not forgotten all of her wreath making, garland crafting ways. She is a lady of many talents. She brought me this lovely wreath of fresh evergreen boughs on Thanksgiving.

I set out to adorn the wreath using supplies I already had on hand. The ribbon and the shatter proof ornaments were purchased on clearance last season. I scored the glittery twigs for five cents a piece at Michael's last year.

I used floral wire to attach the ornaments. I also added a few pine cones. (If your ornaments keep losing their tops, you can use hot glue to keep them in place.) The glittery picks were simply tucked into the greenery. I didn't bother gluing or wiring them into place.

To Make a Bow:
1. Wind the fabric several times around a piece of cardboard. The cardboard should be the same length as the desired width of the bow.
2. Gently pull the ribbon off of the cardboard and secure the middle with wire.
3. Fluff the bow so it looks nice and pretty.
4. Finally, use an additional length of ribbon to tie around the center of the bow to make tails.
Here is the finished product. I am happy with how it turned out. I will show you the rest of our Christmas fireplace sometime next week.

One last thing... if you are like my husband and you are wondering how I got the wreath to hang on the fireplace, I used one of the brick clips pictured above. I found it at Menard's with the Christmas lights and it works like a charm.


  1. Beautiful job, your fireplace looks great!

  2. Beautiful, I can almost smell the greenery! Love your family Christmas memories, too, sounds wonderful! :)


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